Water and Environment.

How do we ensure water supply and water quality in future Europe?

COMENIUS PROJECT 2009 - 2011   -   Nº 2009-1DK1 - COM06 - 00721 5
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Concluding remarks on behalf of of the Danish delegation

By Hans Ulrik Vadmann International
Coordinator and Chairman of the Danish International Committee
Frederikshavn Gymnasium

Headmaster, Representatives of the City and the Region, Distinguished Guests, Colleagues and Students from all over Europe, Ladies and Gentlemen

Today in Salamanca we conclude a significant Comenius project on Water and Environment. At partner schools in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, France, Italy and Spain students have been working on and examining a variety of aspects of this important topic and shared their findings with one another. This has raised their awareness of the importance of looking after the environment and in particular of developing a responsible conduct in the use of water and water resources.

I think I can say that the work has been a success. And I would like to emphasize not only the technical and educational results of our collaborative effort; there is more to it than that. The bonds and friendships that through the shared project work have been tied between students from north to south in Europe have strengthened the mutual respect for one another and the appreciation of the diversity of cultures in Europe. In that way we have made a contribution to building a bridge of understanding and peace in Europe, which is fully in agreement with the the spirit of Comenius.

We have spoken a lot, not at the same time and about everything, for we have also been listening – not least to our students who make up the future that is our concern in this project. In that sense we are like a part-singing choir.

Our shared mission is global, and it is extremely important. Perhaps the single most important pedagogical challenge we have, preparing our students to get on and do well in an international society with sufficient skills in foreign languages and natural and social science. But our students can’t acquire international competences and skills without getting out of the classrooms and meeting at an international level like here in Salamanca, where they can learn from one another, increase their self-esteem and perhaps reconsider their attitude to work. We want them to step out of the door more confident than they came in, wiser about themselves and the world they are to take responsibility for. Also in that respect we made substantial progress in Salamanca, which we have to persue in projects to come. A task that can only be lifted if we work together across borders.

To headmaster Jesús Laborda and his staff and colleagues at Lucía de Medrano we all owe a heartfelt thanks for a magnificent and well-organized conference and a rewarding conclusion of our project on Water and Environment. You have spared no pains to cater for all of us that we might feel at home, and we certainly did. Thank you for a trusting and close collaboration throughout the project period. It has been a great pleasure. And particularly thank you for your never failing attention and care for our students.

Thank you everybody and goodbye!